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So we are in the middle of "March Madness". I enjoyed watching and rooting basketball when my kids played in high school, but I am not into the basketball March Madness of today...I have other things to do; I am in the middle of March Madness of Vacation Rentals.

March is the month of transition; the beginning of getting things ready for all of our summer rental guests. It is getting busy now, and we find ourselves counting the weeks we have to the first guests and hoping we have enough time to get things done. Finish up winter projects: of updating and repairs. Spring cleaning: bedding taken apart and all bedding cleaned, wipe down walls, baseboards, clean out crevasses, closets, shampoo all carpets, upholstery and wash the many, many windows and screens. Once the snow is gone and the frost is out of the ground: rake up the many, many leaves, weed the landscapes, maybe throw on some fresh mulch.

Yes, our March Madness will extend into April and then to the last of May to get all the outdoor furniture out, docks, boats and swim rafts in the water...all so that you, our guests, can enjoy a fun-filled, amenity-filled perfect vacation by the beach and water with family and friends.

Looking forward to seeing all of you this summer!

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