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ENTERTAINING FISHING for Families with Kids

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Lake Missaukee was known for its great walleye fishing in years past, but its numbers had dwindled. Walleye is still found in this lake, and recently the lake was restocked with this species, and is fished in winter ice fishing, Those who long for the activity of catching, pan fish fishing is great fun and plentiful.

Lake Missaukee is generally a shallow lake with a drop off of several feet around the edges of the lake, only several hundred feet from shore. That drop-off is the secret, especially in the late spring/early summer. You might even bring in bass or pike with the pan fish for a variety of fun and eating.

You are welcome to bring your own fishing boat for your daily fishing excursion during your stay on Lake Missaukee. We, at Talsma Vacation Rentals, also have a pontoon rental, should you need a way about the lake.

When you come visit, make sure you have your Michigan fishing license...and don't forget your poles and tackle...and, of course, the kids (kids less than 17 do not need license) for your share of fun family fishing on Lake Missaukee.

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