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TRAVEL, No? Yes? YES! (An Invitation to Travel in Spite of the Virus)

We are bombarded with all the news of the Corona Virus or COVID-19 lately. The public news makes it sound as if it is too awful to even consider travel or that we must cancel our all-ready made travel plans. Let us take into consideration where this virus is talked about. Note the lack of providing stat information of those who do recover. Let us also consider what the health officials say of this virus. Following is some information to place all this corona virus bombardment in its proper perspective and may it be informative for your future plan making and travel to your favorite destination and vacation.

For more information see the entire article from CENTRAV


So...being better informed, I invite you travelers to live your life, make family vacations and memories, and see the parks, mountains and beaches of our beautiful country this season. Looking forward to be your host at one of our properties at Talsma Vacation Rentals.

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