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Saying good-bye

A day in May of 2022 was a sad day for us. We enjoyed 12 years of owning a home on 15 acres of the Colorado's rocky terrain in Estes Park. We gained many western friends and memories as our children grew up and as we were able to vacation on our own little plot of mountain. But all good things do seem to have an end in some way, shape or form. Ours ended with a sale and moving on to the next and a different chapter in our story.

Beginning the next chapter: We are in Florida now

We purchased on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico in Florida...Ft. Myers Beach, to be exact. Our intent was to continue in the vacation rental business, this time on the gulf. We had made plans to vacation there but our plans were washed out to sea (or the gulf) with Hurricane Ian within months of purchasing. Instead of vacationing we have been working.

As the news indicated, Ft. Myers Beach, Sanibel Island, Captiva Island and the surrounding communities were devastated. Instead of vacationing on the beaches of Florida, we have been busy trying to pick up the pieces.

We spent last week painting and have the painting of the rooms finished in one of the properties. Tile is next and cabinets and countertops, etc.. We are actually taking the opportunity to update while the place is not able to rent anyway. Hopefully in a few months things will be finished in our spaces so that we will be up and running....and renting again.

If you would like to vacation in Florida, we believe we have a couple of places you would really enjoy as a couple or as a family. When they are ready for vacationers, I will have more information at that time on how to reserve these places for your winter escape (or anytime), as we will have a management company to help rent them for us.

Both properties overlook the grounds' pools and white sandy beaches and have great views of the sunsets.

We have a one bedroom at the Pink Shell Resort in the White Sands Villas, Unit #204 ~ which hopefully will be ready early summer. ( )

The three bedroom property is found in the GullWing Beach Resort, Unit #205. We are hoping this property will be ready this summer as well. (

Both properties have a lot of reconstruction to the pools and grounds to be done. Can you imagine everything with several feet of sand in it and on it? But things are looking up with the clean-up. They have come a long way. Each place is hoping that by 2024, they will be fully operational as they both want to get back into the renting business to vacationing families.

We hope to see you in Florida soon .

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