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Wild Life in our own Back Yard

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

When vacationers visit the mountains, one of the main things they want to go home with is the accomplishment of seeing wildlife. Sometimes this wildlife is in your own back yard. Over the years of owning a vacation home in the mountains we have witnessed a lot of wildlife....even in our own back yard.

This summer of 2019 has been of no exception. See my FB link to a guest renter's video of a large brown black bear visit to Old Man Lookout property, and you will see for yourself. A week later another guest spotted a black black bear as seen in this photo. (Thank you, Brad Moelker for this photo.).

A strolling Black Bear on Old Man Lookout's Driveway

But bear is not the only wildlife you may see. Autumn is the time the elk come out of higher elevations and spend their winter in Estes Park. Visitors will see herds of these animals in the Park's meadows, the town's streets, golf courses, yards and parking lots... as well as some on the property of Old Man Lookout. Deer, too, are popular here. A family of turkeys is another to be seen. AND if you are patient, you may see the bobcat roaming among the rocks behind the house. Old Man Lookout is on 15 acres of mountainous and rocky terrain, a perfect area to see your large wildlife....and small. We have many kinds of birds that visit, too, from hummingbirds to eagles.

Just remember that these creatures can see you when you hike in the mountains, but you necessarily cannot always see them. They are there, even so. Whenever you hike in the mountains, always be aware of your surroundings and make noise so you do not surprise the wildlife, hike during the day and in groups, carry pepper spray. Hikers always hike at their own risk whenever they travel in the home and territories of these wild animals. Please respect these beautiful creatures and their space. When you see them( even on our property), give them their space and let them pass on to their next destination.

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