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Now that the summer season has passed and my time has become more available again, I am thinking about this blog. So what do I write about that would be interesting to my readers...?

How about the subject of our decision in the purchase of Old Man Lookout? Do you ever wonder what makes vacation home owners decide

to get into a second home and rent it out to strangers?

We have been the owners of Old Man Lookout in Estes Park, CO since 2010.

Wow, over 10 years already! We purchased the property for the very reason to rent it out to vacationing families. Why Estes Park? Why THIS property?

Being from Michigan, we had enjoyed the mountains during family vacations. Our family vacations brought us into Loveland (about 45 minutes away) for a weekend often and we soon became acquainted with families from a local church there. We also saw that Estes Park is very traveler friendly in many ways, and being the gateway to the Rockies, was a beautiful visitor vacationing area.

We were shown many homes in Estes on the day that we traveled into the mountains to see what homes might fit our fancy. Out of all the homes and properties we saw, we spent the most time at "Stuck in the 70s" (as this home was jokingly called), walking over some of the property and dreaming. Our realtor was very patient and while he enjoyed the late season sun on the deck, we investigated.

What attracted us to this 1970 built home? It was unique--

15 acres of pines and rock formations on the eastern side of Old Man Mountain with an elevation that could be climbed.

It was a larger private home - and not a condo - that would really work for our family of 8 plus be able to host vacationers with multiple members without being crowded. The home is secluded at the end of a dead-end road at the base of a mountain. Sitting on the deck or behind the property was so very relaxing and quiet with the only sounds of the wind in the pines and the birds conversing. This was what being in the mountains sounded like... and felt like. Yet, the property is so close to town! In fact the home is just within the city limits but the property is not.

The sweet original owners maintained this home well. Everything original in it was in good working condition, BUT... it was stuck in the 70s with its décor. We saw past the dated look.

So we rented as is, but with new furniture during the first summer. The following winter and spring we hired friends from Loveland and reworked the Kitchen floorplan, replaced the cabinets, flooring, countertops, sink, lighting and updated the dining room, painted the upstairs bedrooms, hallway and 3 bathrooms and replaced the carpeting.

The next few years, a new deck replaced the old green one and a bedroom with an egress window was added to the ground floor. Windows and sliders were replaced. Just this past spring all three full bathrooms upstairs received updated tubs and counters and the bedrooms received new light fixtures, as well as a few other details, such as a sudden water heater.

It has been interesting and fun to travel the vacation home rental road. We, as owners, work hard to keep the property in good order for our guests to enjoy the best of Estes and the beauty of the Rockies.

Welcome to Old Man Lookout - rest a

bit at the base of Old Man Mountain, and hear what the wind, birds and air have to say about the property.

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