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OLD MAN MOUNTAIN: a Native American Vision Quest Site

Our vacation rental, Old Man Lookout in Estes Park, sits among the rocks of Old Man Mountain. This property is on 15 acres of the mountain, the eastern side of the summit on down to the eastern and southern part of its base.

The mountain has much history. For thousands of years it had been a site for Native Americans from all over the state and beyond. Vision sites were sacred locations to which the native people would pilgrimage to smoke, pray, fast, receive visions, sacrifice and make offerings while climbing to the summit. Archaeologists have found such things as pieces of pottery, arrow heads and much more that represents rituals and offerings on this mountain. Most of these artifacts were found on the west and southeast side of the mountain. It is thought, because of the different artifacts that were found, the mountain was visited by the Plains, Woodland, Fremont, Pueblo, Shoshoni, Ute, and the Arapaho.

Today the mountain is visited by visitors climbing the summit to the take in the 360* view from the summit and to experience Estes Park. Our guests are welcome to the climb/rock scramble as well... at your own risk. The rocks on the property are massive and form caves. Be cautious and do not try to enter these caves and crevices as you may have a very difficult time getting out. The rocks may be slippery; use proper shoes. As with any excursion and activity: be careful and enjoy the 45 minute up and 30 minute down hike...

Property owners are not liable for any rescues, accidents, injury or deaths on the property.

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